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Monster Hunter World Join the BETA and the First details!

Yes we know Monster Hunter World will get a release later this month, we a lot of people are very excited about this game and we wonder why this is. Is this game a must buy, a potential buy or a do not boy because you waste your money game. We dived into this game and will provide you the first details about it. The most PlayStation 4 owners will get one more crack at testing the monster hunter World game before it arrives.

The makers of this awesome game “Capcom” has said that on more open beta is being scheduled for later this month before the game actually releases. The exact this open beta will be 18th January this year. The game itself will release on 26th January we do know. We have been biggin the game and wanna note some details about the open beta of the game, this is de details that we know.

First thing first the beta will be 5.5 GB in size, and you can start the download and install it on 17th January one day before the actual beta is playable. They do this probably because they want to dodge a huge amount of traffic that day. This gives you an example of when you need to start up your ps4 to download this game to play the beta version.

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Why should I enter the beta?

The beta will let you play the game for free a lot of games that you have bought are lie in your closet. You bought It because your guess it was a nice game, but when you started up this game you stopped really quick and you know that that it was a waste of your money. So to dodge that problem you should enter the beta if Monster Hunter World is a potential game for you. Besides that, you are also able to earn some cool camo face paint if you take part of the beta version of Monster Hunter World. All you will need to do for this is complete one quest over the course of the beta version. When you buy and play the final game you can use this unique camo that nobody can get its hand on later. There are four quests in the beta version if you completed them all you will get more unique items for the final game.

But let me warn you, one quest is to take out the elder dragon in only fifteen minutes and you will need a good team for that else you are wasting your time. So I hope that you already have a good team on hand!

Solo play

The game is also playable solo, but it will be online every time! The great news is that the beta version is payable to all PlayStation 4 owners. So you do not need a Free Playstation Plus Subscription. This is a big change because the beta before this one was not of all PlayStation users, only for ps plus members.

Save games

As result this beta promise a lot of good gameplay there is only one thing I need to mention before you go play Monster Hunter World BETA. When you play the game and you have some quest progress it won’t be saved with the beta. So every time when you play the game you need to restart everything and redo all quest that you have completed before. This will obviously change when the final monster hunter World game released, but its also something that you should know before you go plays the monster hunter World beta.

Final dates.

As said before the BETA will kick off January 18th at 6 PM PDT, and end on the January 21st around the same time. So the game gives you 3 whole days to test the game before you buy the final game! Keep in mind that it is handy to get a couple of friends that also play the beta for some of the quests.
On January 26th the final game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Enjoy your beta and let us know what the pro’s and the cons are about this game before we buy!

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Everyone faced this issue once, PlayStation network downloads and updates are very slow, but why? and how can we fix this?
In this guide, we will dig deeper into this problem and give you a solution for this frustrating problem. There are many blogs finable on the internet about this issue because you do not have time to wait you wanna play the game right? Over the years a lot of websites did a research for this common problem but nobody ever found a good solution for this problem. Some of those site claim that you can set up the other DNS server, for example, Google DNS and this will increase the speed.  But this is not true DNS is just an access point and this will only work if you not even can download a game because your own DNS is corrupt. We from psplusfree found the best solution for this problem, many people told us that it works. So take some coffee and try this if you want to solve the slow downloading problem.

Increase PlayStation 4 Downloading speed

How to increase downloading speed PlayStation 4

First of all, you will need to download CCProxy, this is recommended by our website because this is the easiest one to use. if you are a Mac user you can use Squidman to solve this step.
Then when you installed the proxy on your pc you need to make sure you insert the IP and the port. The port would be most of the times “8080” but some proxy providers having the other one.
Then startup your PlayStation 4 and set up a new internet connect by clicking on the button custom settings, do not change something only fill in the IP and port. Noticed that some proxies do need a username and password, in this case, you need to fill those in the right boxes.

Common solutions that also work.

– Do you have a wifi connection? ye then is it slower, since PlayStation make use of 2,4 Hertz. so make sure you connect a cable to your PlayStation 4
– PlayStation 4 slim is a lot slower then PlayStation 4 Pro, your internet can be great, but the PlayStation need to handle this kinda speed well. and a fact is that the ps4 pro does this 75% faster then the normal one or the slim.
– Stop downloading on your pc, if you are downloading multiple files at once on different platforms then the downloading on the PlayStation will be a lot slower then normal.
– buy a better router, yea lot of people still does not know a lot of internet connection and this is sad. so let me explain a bit. When your provides give you 300 MB internet speed and your router can handle 40 bit you pay for nothing… So when you have a fast internet connection you should invest in a good router, for example, the Netgear Nighthawk.

We from are sure that this are the best and only fix downloading PlayStation 4 slow

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